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Detection Solutions

Chile and the world itself have limited testing capacity for safely going back to a normal life. At Kura Biotech, we intend to contribute to this great challenge by developing the first kit “made in Chile”, which will allow massive testing, and with that, independence from international testing kits producers.

We offer 2 complementary testing solutions: the first – AVRT-qPCR Covid-19 Detection Kit- is a confirmatory test, while the second – Avenire RESIST (Rna Easy ScreenIng onSite Test) RT-LAMP Covid-19 Detection Kit – is intended for screening.

Avenire RESIST RT-LAMP Covid-19 Detection Kit

Avenire RESIST (Rna Easy ScreenIng onSite Test) RT-LAMP Covid-19 Detection Kit is a screening kit for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) that allows, at an early stage, to quickly and easily detect those people who may have viral load in their body, before presenting symptoms or in asymptomatic cases. Positive results must be validated by a confirmatory test in a certified laboratory.

AVRT-qPCR Covid-19 Detection Kit

AVRT-qPCR Covid-19 Detection Kit allows early, highly sensitive and accurate detection of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 infectious agents. This makes it the ideal tool for the diagnosis and confirmation of COVID-19.


At Kura Biotech, our dedication is grounded in the strong belief and conviction that we can generate a positive impact in the World by helping laboratories with their most complex challenges and by providing scientists with the fastest and the highest performing enzymes for sample preparation.

After developing revolutionary solutions in toxicology through our Finden brand, we are now expanding our expertise to the genetics and proteomics industry with two new brands: Avenire and Blikka.

We thrive to face our challenges through our four core commitments: human connections, unlimited spirit, unapologetic standards, and give back will.